Andreas Lang Photography

eclipse book cover

The catalogue book ECLIPSE has now been published with Hatje Cantz edition. The book is an adapted re-edition of the catalogue from 2008 which is out of print. It has a new design, bigger format and previously unpublished material. 70 photographs (black&white, colour), 144 pages; 30x29cm; text by Hans-Michael Koetzle, Stefan Weidner and Frizzi Krella (german/english); design by Horst Moser. There is also a signed and numbered special edition available, limited to 100 copies including a 24x30cm archival pigment print of "Megiddo". The price is 100€. Some copies are still available, please contact me directly if you are interested.
some preview pages of the book here.

shadow monument

In my work I reveal the different layers of history, mythology and the present, to create a narrative image. A form of visual archeology, at times blending or colliding with immanent social, political and ecological realities. In this way the picture also becomes a place for the imaginary and projection. It appears like a stage or filmset, pending in limbo somewhere between reality and imagination, past and present.

In meiner Arbeit betrachte ich die verschiedenen Ebenen von Geschichte, Mythologie und Gegenwart, um ein narratives Bild entstehen zu lassen. Eine Art visuelle Archäologie, die sich überlagert oder auch kollidiert mit unmittelbaren sozialen, politischen und ökologischen Realitäten. So wird das Bild auch zum Projektionsraum und erscheint oft wie eine Bühne oder Filmset, im Schwebezustand zwischen Imagination und Realität, Vergangenheit und Gegenwart.