Andreas Lang Photography

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born in Zweibrücken/Palatinat. 1983-85 drummer in the Nasse Hunde punk band.
1985-91 assistant to the photographers Dieter Blum, Michael Leis, Werner Janda. 1991-01 living in Paris as a free-lance photographer. from 1995 non-commissioned works, including video, experimental and documentary films, journeys to Iraq and Northern India. 1995 residency in Australia, first works on landscape and nature, from 1999 long-term project on European landscapes. 2003/04 residency in New York, photo and video works. 2006 journey to Mali and the Sahara desert, photo works on the Touareg people. 2006-08 project on landscapes of the crusades and early christianity, journeys to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Syria and Turkey. 2008/10 residencies in Cairo and Damascus for new works. from 2011 project on (post-) colonialism in Central Africa, based on research of historical material, journeys to Cameroun, Tchad, Kongo Region and Central African Republic. 2017 residency and new works in Lagos/Nigeria, by invitation from Goethe Institute Lagos. 2018 Tarabya stipend and residency.

awards and grants:
2018/2019 Tarabya stipend and residency
2017 Visual arts work stipend, awarded by the Berlin Cultural Senate
2015/216 AArtist in residence grant, awarded by the German Federal Foreign Ministry and Landesverband Berliner Galerien
2010 Fine arts project grant, awarded by the City of Munich
2008 DG Award for contemporary art - Gebhard Fugel Preis
2006 Green Leaf Award for Photography, NWM - UN World Environment Days Algiers
2005 European artist exchange and stipend for Poland by the state of Bavaria
2000 Prix Agfa Multicontrast/France for black&white photography
1999 Prix Aidda de la photographie sociale et documentaire, Paris

Kunstbibliothek – SMB, Staatliche Museen Berlin
German Historical Museum, DHM - Berlin
Photography Collection, Museum of the City of Munich
Allianz Collection
Artothek - Bildersaal, City of Munich
Maison Victor Hugo - Musée de la ville de Paris
Videoteque de Paris
SØR Rusche Collection Berlin - Oelde
Kunstparterre Collection Munich
private collections